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Green Projects in Canada's Industrial Heartland

A Prosperous and Green Future

Located in the center of Canada's most prosperous manufacturing corridor, Canada's Industrial Heartland is comprised of 7 forward-thinking municipalities who have joined together to ensure that the future of the region is both prosperous and green.

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One Industry, Many Opportunities

As a major North American plastics producer, Ontario houses over 2,000 plastics and composites companies within this growing, well-established and fully integrated sector.

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One Industry, Many Strengths

Southwestern Ontario is one of the world's most successful regions for automotive assembly and parts production.

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Producing and Processing for the World

Canada's Industrial Heartland sits on the most fertile farmbelt in Canada in the center of the country's most robust food and beverage industry. Its rich soil and rolling landscape have welcomed many generations of food producers and nurtured a strong local food processing industry.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Canada's Most Productive Advanced Manufacturing Cluster

Advanced manufacturing in Ontario represents over 50% of all Canadian shipments. Employing more than 70,000 people in Ontario, the Advanced Manufacturing sector exports nearly 90% of its products to international locations.

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