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Canada's Industrial Heartland encompasses the municipalities of Ingersoll, Perth County, Stratford, St. Thomas, Tillsonburg and Woodstock and stretches across Elgin, Oxford and Perth counties. SOMA is in the center of the Southwestern Ontario peninsula, in the midst of one of the most robust economies in North America. A rich manufacturing and agricultural belt between the shores of Lake Huron, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, SOMA forms a natural economic region. Its three counties and six municipalities share a large workforce and a global vision for growth.

  • Ingersoll
  • Perth County
  • Stratford
  • St. Thomas
  • Tillsonburg
  • Woodstock
Size/Area: 5.0 sq. mi/12.9 sq. km
Population: 12,757
Workforce: 6,675
Key Industries: Metal Working, Automotive Parts
Plastics, Packaging
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Perth County 2016-2

Perth County
Size/Area:  856 sq. mi/2,218 sq. km
Population: 76,796
Workforce: 42,460 (stats can national household survey 2011)
Key Industries: Agriculture, Manufacturing, Tourism
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Size/Area: 10.4 sq. mi/26.9 sq. km
Population: 31,465
Workforce: 17,125
Key Industries: Automotive Parts, Plastics, Agri-Food, High-Tech Machining, Textiles
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St. Thomas
Size/Area: 12.4 sq. mi/32.2 sq. km
Population: 38,909
Workforce: 18,800
Key Industries: Advanced Manufacturing, Automotive Parts
Tool & Die, Machining, Electronics
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Size/Area: 8.6 sq. mi/22.3 sq. km
Population: 15,872
Workforce: 7,790
Key Industries: Automotive Parts Manufacturing, Plastics, Agricultural Products
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Size/Area: 19.7 sq. mi/ 50.9 sq. km
Population: 40,902
Workforce: 19,650
Key Industries: Automotive Parts & Assembly, Equipment, Tool & Die, Machining, Agri-Food, Textiles
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