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A Strategic Location

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Strategically Situated On North America's Business Corridor
The Heartland is at the intersection of five major NAFTA corridors.
  • Highway 401 - Canada's "Mainstreet"
  • Highway 402
  • Highway 403
  • Canadian National (CN) Railway
  • Canadian Pacific (CP) Railway

In the Heart of the Great Lakes
Canada's Industrial Heartland is located in the center of the Southwestern Ontario peninsula - an area roughly the size of West Virginia. It is home to 3 million people who enjoy the temperate climate, fertile soil, gently rolling landscape and varied stretches of lakeshore.

The climate of Southwestern Ontario is moderated by the surrounding Great Lakes and highlighted by four distinct seasons.
  • Average summer temperature of 77.5 °F/25.3 °C
  • Average winter temperature of 35.6 °F/ 2.0 °C.
Truly in the heart of North America's Consumer and Industrial Markets.
  • A two-hour drive to 1/2 of Ontario's population (nearly 6 million people)
  • A three-hour drive to six U.S.- Canadian border crossings to Michigan, Illinois, New York and Ohio markets
  • A day's drive to 130 million North American consumers and most major manufacturing centers.

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