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One Industry, Many Opportunities

As a major North American plastics producer, Ontario houses over 2,000 plastics and composites companies within this growing, well-established and fully integrated sector.

With over 86,000 people working in the sector, Ontario has one of the most diverse and concentrated pools of plastics-related labour in North America.

And, with Ontario's strong push to encourage innovation within the province, taxes are being cut and costs are decreasing. In fact, Ontario will have one of the lowest corporate tax rates in North America by 2012.


A Strong Concentration

Sarnia Ontario, Canada's main centre for synthetic resin producers, is located within one hour of the Heartland's plastics processors. Over ninety percent of Ontario's plastics firms are clustered along Highways 401, 402 and 403, the major NAFTA corridor that runs between Detroit, Toronto, Montreal and Buffalo. Most are within a one to two-hour drive of the Heartland, including:

  • 100% machinery manufacturers
  • 99% film-packing firms
  • 95% processors
  • 90% mold makers
  • 85% composite fabricators
  • 85% material suppliers

90% of plastics produced in the region are exported to the United States due to several competitive advantages, including immediate and duty-free access to major markets across the U.S.

Many Skilled Workers

Base Wage costs in Ontario for skilled plastics workers are less than the U.S. average. In fact, when benefit costs are factored into the comparison, Ontario's total labor costs are much lower than neighboring states, including Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

The local workforce is highly skilled and educated and the area is well served by a variety of post-secondary institutions that offer specific skills training and research opportunities related to plastics.

Thousands of students graduate each year from world-class engineering, science and management programs offered by the Heartland's own University of Western Ontario, as well as nearby Waterloo and McMaster Universities.


Plastics R&D: A Leading Force

Canada is an acknowledged leader in plastics innovation and technology and the majority of Ontario's plastics companies are world leaders in the sector.

Plastics manufacturers in Canada's Industrial Heartland maintain strategic ties with the following national plastics research, training and trade associations:

  • Scientific Research & Experimental Development
  • National Plastics Centre & Museum
  • Society of Plastics Engineers Ontario (SPE)
  • The Society of the Plastics Industry of Canada
  • Canadian Plastics Industry Association
  • Canadian Association for Composite Structures and Materials

As hundreds of plastics companies have already discovered, Ontario offers an exceptional R&D advantage that includes leading minds, world-class research centres and a government that strongly supports research and development. Learn more about Ontario's Research & Development Cost Advantage.


R&D Cost Advantage

Small & Medium Sized Manufacturers R&D Expenditure1 R&D Expenditure2
Gross Expenditure $100 $100
Actual After-Tax Expenditure $47.16 $36.88

1 General   |   2 At eligible Ontario Research Institutes