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One Heart. Many Hands

At the heart of the Heartland are its people. Living in the towns and cities that their ancestors built, they bring a deeply rooted, rural ethic to their work. The municipalities of the Heartland are home to over 340,000 residents and serve a regional population of approximately 800,000.

One Rural Work Ethic

The Heartland has a long tradition of agriculture and manufacturing, which has bred a workforce accustomed to long hours of hard work, rewarded by a sense of personal responsibility and independence.

  • Superior levels of employee productivity
  • Low absenteeism
  • Low turnover rates


Many Trades and Skills

weldingThe majority of the Heartland's workforce is employed in manufacturing with a local workforce estimated at more than 100,000 and a regional labour pool of over 500,000. 

Many Educated, Trained Workers

Chart PostSecondEduAttainPost Secondary Education AttainmentThe workforce is well educated, with over 60 percent of the population having completed secondary school education or higher.

Many post-secondary institutions collaborate closely with local business and industry to develop courses and contract training that meets existing and future needs.


Competitive Wage Rates

Chart CompHealthCareTypical Employer Health Care Costs (2008)The wage rates across the Heartland are slightly lower than provincial averages, which themselves are competitive with neighboring U.S. jurisdictions. When adjusted for payroll taxes and savings associated with publicly funded healthcare, the relative labour costs look even better.