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One Land. Many Dreams

The United Nations has consistently ranked Canada in the top 10 among all nations for the highest quality of life in their Human Development Report, which evaluates countries based on life expectancy, educational attainment, and adjusted real income. Canada's Industrial Heartland participates fully in this Canadian ideal for safe, healthy and affordable living.

Within the comfort of Ontario's prosperity, living in the Heartland offers:

  • Lower cost of land and housing than neighboring urban centers
  • One of the lowest crime rates in Canada
  • Access to a large regional center for specialized health care, education and culture
  • One Universal Standard of Health Care

Many Education and Training Opportunities

The Heartland communities are served by Public and Parochial School Boards, both fully funded by the Ontario government and accessible to all students. Several privately funded school boards meet the additional, diverse needs of the population.

Universal Standard of Health Care

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Ontario boasts one of the world's best and most cost-effective health care systems. The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) provides excellent coverage to all residents at little cost to the individual and at surprisingly low costs to the government (in 2007, the U.S. spent approximately 16 percent of GDP on health care, compared to 9.1 percent in Canada).

The universal health care system is one of the contributing factors that reduce the cost of operating a business in Ontario, helping to sustain one of the lowest payroll taxes and benefit deduction rates in North America.