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ST. THOMAS - JAN. 31, 2019- Onward is designed to be delivered in partnership with organizations that have a mandate to support entrepreneurship in their local communities. The partnership with EON will foster regional economic development by empowering youth through entrepreneurship, supporting small business growth, and building the profiles of the various communities in Ontario’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. 

This opportunity is initially available through select partner organizations as a hybrid in-person/virtual incubation program supporting entrepreneurs in small communities to ensure they can access networks and resources otherwise unavailable to them. This “Masters Level” Entrepreneurial Program will provide participants with an even stronger foundation for their business than what can be provided through community resources alone. 

The Elgin St. Thomas Small Business Enterprise Centre has been selected as a partner in this program helping to build on existing foundational Entrepreneurial Skills, aptitudes and capacity to enable participants to achieve higher levels of growth in their new or existing business. Current proposed activities build on existing programs developed at Ryerson University combined with tools and services provided by a range of stakeholders, making them easily accessible across the province. 

While the program requires hard work from participants, the stronger starting position and additional support will help strengthen our community of entrepreneurs and build a network of idea sharing and collaboration. 

The program in its initial phase will focus primarily on attracting youth between the ages of 15-29 that are interested in starting or accelerating their entrepreneurial journey. Partnered with Ryerson and support from SBEC, those accepted into the program will work through 100 Steps 2 Start-Up, an online instructional platform with over 80 start-up based worksheets and 100 instructional videos to lead your start-up to success, with full wrap around support. 

The first group of participants through the Elgin St. Thomas Small Business Centre will launch in early March. 

Core SBEC programs are not limited to this age bracket and are available at no cost for those interested in exploring the path to entrepreneurship. For more information on Onward or Core SBEC programming available to entrepreneurs in Elgin County and St. Thomas, contact SBEC Manager, Tara McCaulley. 


 Contact: Tara McCaulley, SBEC Manager | 519.631.1680 x4503 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;